Broadcast Work

Crossover: A Worldwide Basketball Odyssey


The Johnson Group executive produced this feature length documentary with Penny Marshall and Magic Johnson. Directed by Kip and Kern Konwiser, Crossover looks at the phenomenal global influence of the NBA.


Discovery Channel, Military Channel, Wings Channel

HALO takes an in-depth look at an elite unit of soldiers training to become “High Altitude, Low Opening” jumpers. As part of the nation’s effort to combat terrorism, HALO soldiers train to jump at altitudes as high as 35,000 feet, freefalling to about 2,000 feet before opening their chutes. HALO also explores the impact of such rigorous training on the
families that support these unusual soldiers.


Lighting of the National Christmas Tree (formerly The Christmas Pageant of Peace)

For nearly 20 years, The Johnson Group produced the annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree. For one special night of the year, The Ellipse near the White House becomes America’s town square. More than 7,000 visitors and neighbors in the Capital area gather to hear the President’s Christmas message and to watch as he lights the National Christmas Tree. For years on end, The Johnson Group hosted some of America’s favorite entertainers to participate in the lighting ceremony.

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