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OPEN CALL: A short form documentary about Artists with Disabilities

OPEN CALL: A short form documentary about Artists with Disabilities

It is a basic human need to want to be known for who we are, what we care about and what we contribute to the world - in other words, to be fully self-expressed. Most of us have something to overcome as we try to fulfill this need. This film looks at people in a field where self-expression is paramount, and it looks at people in that field for whom physical, mental or emotional disabilities present special challenges. Viewers will find themselves both captivated by artists determined to break free of their apparent limits and inspired by their example.

Apathy to Oblivion: Virginia's Fight to Keep Historic Sites Relevant

Apathy to Oblivion: Virginia's Fight to Keep Historic Sites Relevant

This documentary will focus on the lesser known historic sites in the state of Virginia. Examples of these sites include Scotchtown, Long Branch, Berkeley Plantation and Belmead. The sites that will be explored are in dire straits, either financially or physically. The film is by no means, a travel log. The apathy toward American history by most young people who want immediate gratification and to vacation at Disney World, as well as the new demographic in 21st century America, have forced Virginia to think of new, out of the box ways to bring focus on these struggling sites in order to save them for future generations.

Paper Clips

Emmy nomination, chosen One of Top Five Documentaries of 2004 by National Board of Review, Christopher Award, plus over a dozen other awards

Paper Clips, which played in theatres across the country for nine months, is a feature-length documentary about rural Tennessee students who decided to honor Holocaust victims by collecting one paper clip for each life lost.

Paper Clips is available on DVD for home viewing, and is the centerpiece of a new education curriculum. Read more about Paper Clips.

Bedford: The Town They Left Behind

Cable broadcasts, home video
GI Film Festival documentary award

Bedford tells the story of the enormous personal sacrifice of the small town of Bedford, Virginia – the community that lost more men per capita on D-Day than any other in America. And the sacrifice continues. The film connects Bedford’s bravest soldiers from WWII to those from the community who served recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After proving its popularity with audiences as an official selection at various festivals around the country, Bedford: The Town They Left Behind was given a special screening, hosted by Senator Mark Warner, for nearly 800 dignitaries at the U.S. Capitol. It was also presented in Normandy at the 65th Anniversary of D-Day and in Bastogne at the 65th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.

Bedford is available on DVD.